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If there is any job that comes with a significant amount of danger and risk, it’s construction work. Every year, thousands are seriously injured or killed in construction accidents on sites across the country. Although many precautions have been put into place to protect workers, construction accidents continue to be the number one cause of job-related deaths in the United States.

Construction Accidents Reveal An Astounding Statistic

1 out of every 10 workers typically will get injured every year, which is why you need a Construction Accident Lawyer who can help you move forward towards fair compensation. Hastily constructed scaffolding, improperly braced cranes, and falls from high places contribute significantly to this high accident rate. In big cities, economic pressure to get buildings up faster and faster is only making matters worse. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) estimates that there will be 1000 work-related deaths nationwide next year in the construction industry.

Devastating Construction Accident Are More Common

Construction accident lawyers are seeing more devastating cases emerge from on-site accidents. Burns, amputations, spinal injuries, asphyxiation due to faulty ventilation, falls, blindness and head injuries are only a few of the catastrophic construction accidents that can put victims out of work, sometimes permanently. Others face a lifetime regimen of medication and weeks or months of rehabilitation. During that time, their families are often without income.

Reasons Construction Accidents Occur

It is the responsibility of the construction site’s general contractor and his subcontractors to assure the safety of their workers, maintaining a workplace as free of potential hazards as possible, and to supervise on-site work situations. Construction accidents are often caused by negligent general contractors or contractors who have abdicated supervision to negligent sub-contractors. 

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