At Bernheim Kelley Battista & Bliss, LLC, our Florida landlord-tenant litigation attorneys are diligent, solutions-focused advocates for our clients. Whether you are a landlord or a tenant, you do not have to navigate the legal process alone. If you are locked in a landlord-tenant dispute, we are here to help you find the best solution. To arrange your fully private consultation with an experienced Florida landlord-tenant lawyer, please contact us today.


We Handle the Full Range of Landlord-Tenant Disputes in Florida

The rights and responsibilities of landlords and tenants in Florida arise under a combination of state law, local law, and contractual agreements (lease agreements). Conflict between landlords and tenants can arise for many different reasons. We are a full service civil litigation law firm that is qualified to represent landlords and tenants in the full range of cases, including in both residential and commercial disputes. Along with other legal matters, our Florida landlord-tenant litigation lawyers assist clients with: 

  • Breach of Lease Agreement: The lease is the fundamental basis of the legal relationship between a landlord and a tenant. The terms of a valid lease agreement are legally binding in Florida. Courts will lean towards upholding the terms of the lease. Our Florida landlord-tenant litigation attorneys represent clients in breach of lease claims.
  • Property Maintenance Issues: Disputes can arise between landlord and tenants over property upkeep, maintenance, repairs, and property damage. If you are involved in this type of conflict, our landlord-tenant litigation lawyers can help.
  • Complex Commercial Property Matters: Our Florida landlord-tenant lawyers handle complex commercial property disputes, including those regarding matters of insurance, CAM charges, common areas, property renewals, and much more.
  • Residential Evictions: Florida has strict rules and procedures in place for residential evictions. If you have any questions about a residential eviction case, our landlord-tenant dispute attorneys can help.
  • Commercial Evictions: Businesses generally have fewer protections against eviction than residential property owners. However, there is still a process in place. Call our landlord-tenant litigation lawyers today for help with a commercial eviction case.


Why Choose Our Florida Landlord-Tenant Litigation Attorneys

Landlord-tenant disputes are complicated. At Bernheim Kelley Battista & Bliss, LLC, we have the professional expertise to represent both landlords and tenants in a wide range of disputes. A proactive approach is a must. Among other things, our Florida landlord-tenant litigation attorneys:

  • Answer questions, review contracts, and explain your rights/responsibilities;
  • Investigate the matter—organizing all of the records and information you need to proceed;
  • Handle legal paperwork and any settlement negotiations; and
  • Take your landlord-tenant case as far as needed to get the best possible results.


Call Our Florida Landlord Tenant Litigation Lawyers Today

At Bernheim Kelley Battista & Bliss, LLC, our Florida landlord-tenant litigation attorneys are experienced, effective advocates for clients. No matter your circumstances, our commercial litigation team is here to help you find the best solution. Get in touch with us by phone or contact us online for a strictly confidential. We handle landlord-tenant disputes throughout all of Florida.