The below results are a small sample of some of our successful verdicts and settlements.

$52.2 million

Defective Hip Implants

Served as lead counsel and court appointed leadership counsel in litigations resulting in $52.2 million in settlements for defective hip implants representing clients both locally and nationwide.

$21.0 million

Tobacco Verdict

Our team of tobacco litigation attorneys recovered $21 Million for the widow of a deceased smoker.

$9.8 million

Defective Pharmaceutical Product

A pharmaceutical company entered a confidential settlement for $9.8 million after failing to warn of known dangers associated with their drug causing permanent injuries to our clients.

$6.0 million

Car vs. Pedestrian Paralysis Injuries

Severe and permanent injuries caused by a driver on a cell phone that struck a pedestrian resulting in severe spinal cord injury.

$3.25 million

Negligent Maintenance on a Commercial Vehicle

A truck tire blew up in a mechanic’s face while he was removing causing traumatic brain injury (tbi).

$2.8 million

Dangerous Drug Product

A defective pharmaceutical product caused a Florida woman to suffer severe neurological injury. This caused her to be unable to work in the service industry and earn income.

$2.5 million

Motorcycle Accident Injuries

A motorcyclist was forced to take evasive action when a vehicle entered his lane and stopped. The motorcycle flipped over and ejected the rider, launching him into the defendant’s vehicle. The insurance company made an initial offer of $125,000. After several years of litigation we were able to successfully resolve the case for $2,500,000.

$2.0 million

Defective Product Injuries

A woman experienced a neurological injury when she was exposed to toxic levels of metal in a defective product.

$1.03 million

Defective Vehicle Suit

A defective van that was susceptible to rollovers caused injuries.