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A serious injury can be difficult. It can be demoralizing. But if you’re lucky, you can get better and live a happy, productive life.

This can be incredibly difficult when your injury permanently changes your life. You have to learn to adapt to a new version of “normal.” And without help, moving on can seem impossible.

If you’ve experienced an amputation, please keep reading—especially if you need a personal injury lawyer who specializes in amputations.

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  1. Types of Amputations

Types of Amputations

When it comes to amputations, there are two primary categories: traumatic and non-traumatic.  Both are likely to have the same repercussions on the individual and require the victim to completely change how they live their lives. 

Traumatic Amputations

The most common causes of traumatic amputation (which might result in needing an amputation lawyer), are:
  • Improper or incomplete training in a dangerous job situation
  • Old or poor quality gear, tools or machinery
  • Getting into a car crash while you are driving for your business (car, truck or other motorized vehicles)
  • Explosions 
  • If you get crushed or trapped under any machinery, equipment or debris while on the job
  • Accidents or dangerous interactions with sharp machinery (saws, drills, etc.)

Non-Traumatic Amputations

Although you might think that the idea of a “non-traumatic” amputation might be impossible, this term is meant to describe an amputation that is not caused by an external factor but instead caused by something like a disease, burns, cancer or infection. The most common causes of non-traumatic amputations are:
  • Untreatable damage in your tissues that might be caused by burns or frostbite
  • Cancerous tumor 
  • Infection 
  • Crushed bone 
  • Blood vessels that have been constricted or damaged
  • Nerves that have been thickened or damaged

amputation lawyer man missing fingerImpact of Amputation on Victims

The victim of an amputation will have to change everything. While there are elements of physical and emotional therapy that can help lighten the load, your new normal will likely look wildly different from what you knew before

Physical Impact

When it comes to the physical ramifications of amputation, you may have to deal with the irreversible damage done to muscle tissue. When it comes to the physical ramifications of amputation, you may have to deal with the irreversible damage done to muscle tissue among other issues, which can cause ongoing pain. The way that you can physically interact with the world will change extensively. Even if you see a therapist or counselor, there’s no guarantee that you’ll be able to achieve a new normal that you can live with.

Emotional Impact

What many people don’t discuss is that amputation has a lot of emotional ramifications as well. You might suffer from something called “phantom limb,” which is where your brain thinks that you still have the limb attached. Although there are ways to treat this psychological phenomenon, it may take extensive therapy and time. Other mental consequences include, but aren’t limited to: anxiety, depression and PTSD.

Financial Impact

There are other consequences of suffering from an amputation, but the largest of them is likely from the financial consequences. Although you may be partially covered under workers’ compensation, there are additional medical expenses that you’ll continuously accrue as you get medical treatment and miss out on work.

amputation lawyer woman in chairLegal Options Available to You If You Were Injured

If you are considering taking legal action following a catastrophic injury such as an amputation or brain injury, contact BK Law today. We will explain how we will represent your case, how we will communicate our progress, and more. We will discuss other similar cases we have successfully represented, which can be a great way to remember that you are not alone through this difficult time in your life.