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Even though many people treat them as suggestions, the speed limits around Fort Lauderdale are there for a reason: to keep people safe on our public roadways. When safety planners decide on a specific speed limit, they are taking into account a range of factors such as visibility issues on the road, traffic signals, intersections, as well as things like road shape and more, and set the limit according to what speed will allow drivers to safely navigate any possible obstacles ahead. The decision to speed puts not only the guilty driver at risk, but more importantly it puts everyone else on the road at risk, even if they are following the law.

If you or a loved one have been hurt in an accident caused by a speeding driver, it can be extremely frustrating to face the reality of your situation knowing that if they had simply acted according to the law then you would have been able to avoid this painful, stressful, and oftentimes overwhelming experience. While there is no amount of money that will ever undo your accident, there is, fortunately, a process available for victims of speeding drivers to recover compensation for a range of their damages., and the team at Bernheim Kelley Battista & Bliss, LLC is here to help.

Calculating Damages After a Speeding Car Accident

One of the major questions that must be resolved after a car accident is that of compensation: how much are you entitled to, and how much is the insurance company willing to pay? The difference between these two figures is often shocking, and then work necessary to close that gap can be exhausting even for an attorney – let alone a victim from a car crash who is struggling to recover from their injuries at the same time.

In a personal injury claim, compensatory damages are divided into two distinct subcategories: economic damages, and non-economic damages. In addition to these damages, a judge or jury may decide to award a victim with punitive damages that are intended to punish the defendant, but the plaintiff will not be able to request these damages and there is no certainty that they will be awarded. Your attorney will not try to calculate punitive damages.

Economic Damages

Economic damages are the primary damages of a personal injury claim and are the most obvious as well. They seek compensation for any damage that comes with a measurable dollar value, including things like hospital bills, recovery costs, hired services, lost wages, and more. There are many economic damages that are not immediately obvious that your attorney will help you identify and include in their calculations. 

Non-Economic Damages

Non-economic damages seek compensation for abstract impacts of an accident, such as the actual pain and suffering that a victim endures, and the emotional trauma that they experience following such a painful and terrifying situation. As you can imagine, the insurance company will push back much more aggressively on these damages, since there is no way to measure these damages purely objectively. However, they are just as important, and our team has a number of tools that help convert these damages into real dollar amounts. 

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After a car accident, you will have a lot that you will need to handle as the victim – all while trying to nurse your injuries and focus on a successful recovery at the same time. This is why we believe that it is so important to offer a free consultation for victims to learn more about how we can take on their legal burdens and fight for a settlement that makes sense for them while they focus on their own needs, such as recovering from injuries and adjusting to life after the accident. 

When you are partnered with a car accident attorney, you can be confident that their years of experience handling these claims will help you towards getting a settlement that you deserve, and not just the money that the insurance company wants to pay. Remember that no matter how pleasant the claims adjuster assigned to your case may be, that they are working on behalf of the insurance company and are using their investigation as a way to find any possible reason to limit your final settlement. Claims adjusters follow a playbook that the insurance companies have spent decades refining, and trying to take them on by yourself is not recommended.